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Want to sell your gear?

We will take your scuba and snorkeling gear on consignment and display and hopefully sell it at our retail location in Key Largo. Our shop is located in the median at Mile Marker 99.

You drop off the gear and tell us how much you would like get for it, and we enter it into our system and notify you as soon as it has been sold. You can take your payment in cash or check, or a store credit.

As a consignment store, we do not BUY any items. We will display your item in our store and when it sells, we will then take a commission of the amount it sold for. You will receive the rest of the profit. This differs from pawn or resale shops, which buy your item outright.

You can pick up your unsold items at any time and no fee is charged.

Contact us for the terms, we’ll be happy to send you our consignment agreement for details. Or simply stop by to talk to one of our sales reps, we’re here to help!

Advantages of Selling your Scuba & Snorkeling Gear on Consignment

Want to buy gear?

We offer scuba and snorkeling gear on consignment at our retail location in Key Largo. Our shop is located in the median at Mile Marker 99.

Come in and browse the selection, there are lots of awesome deals to be had!

Please understand that consignment gear is sold “as is”, and that there are no returns, warranties, guarantees, or liabilty. We have a full service Scuba Tech facility across the street, so you are welcome to take the gear over to them to be serviced after you have made your purchase.

We also have a full stock of extremely high-quality brand new scuba and snorkeling gear at outlet pricing in stock at our store. We are a fully licensed Aqualung dealer and always have most of their available gear in stock. We also sell Deep See, ScubaMax, Suunto, Seac and many other high quality name brands at outlet prices.

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Just call or email us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

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